Q: Isabella Adinolfi (NI, IT) - Air travel for pets (2019-12-19)

Q: Isabella Adinolfi (Non-attached, IT) - Air travel for pets (2019-12-19)

Travelling with pets has become a lot easier since the harmonisation of rules on journeys with pet animals and the introduction of the European pet passport.

However, many EU nationals are still unable to travel with their four-legged friends, particularly if the journey is by plane.

Not all airlines will accept pets and those that do place restrictions on the weight and number of animals allowed in the aircraft cabin. All other animals must travel in the hold as cargo.

Animals are sentient beings, as affirmed in Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty, and travelling in the hold may cause them to suffer physical and/or psychological trauma.

In view of this:

1  Will the Commission take steps regarding the legislation in force such that all airlines are obliged to accept animals on board their flights?

2  Will it allow larger animals also to travel safely in the aircraft cabin with their owners?

3  Will it ensure that prices for their pet’s ticket shall be set at a level all citizens can afford?