National Legislation across the EU’s 27 Member States

Currently there is little EU legislation to protect dogs and cats involved in commercial practices. It is therefore left to the EU’s 27 Member States to legislate on this at the national level. National legislation can vary greatly across the EU, with strict legislation in some countries and little at all in others.

To assess the national legislation relating to dogs and cats involved in commercial practices, the EU Dog & Cat Alliance gathered key information on the legislation in each EU Member State. By hovering over each of the countries on the map above, you can see a summary of the legislation in that country. It is clear that that the legislation at the national level varies widely, and in some countries there are substantial gaps in the legislation.

Without EU legislation to harmonise the legislation across EU Member States, this is likely to have serious implications not only on dog and cat welfare, but also on animal and human health, consumer protection and on the functioning of the internal market.

You can read the full findings of this research in our report ‘The welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices: a review of the legislation across EU countries’. Click here to read the full report.

Click here to read an executive summary of the report.