EU Pet Advertising Advisory Group - EU PAAG

Helping improve the standards of online pet adverts through self-regulation

We support animal charities in creating pet advertising advisory groups (PAAGs) in EU member states to deal with the increasing problem of inappropriate dog and cat adverts appearing on classified websites.

A study we undertook shows that the vast majority of dog and cats sold in the EU are advertised online. Looking at the main classifieds websites in 21 EU countries we found 400.000 dogs and 100.000 cats for sale. This is happening in unregulated online markets which leads to poor practice with negative consequences for the animals’ welfare and the new owners who lack information about pet-ownership and often incur subsequent large veterinary costs.

In parallel, the EU funded study on the welfare of dogs and cats involved in commercial practices has shown that Europeans want better information about the pets they buy online. For instance, only 20% of purchasers of pets reported being well informed about animal welfare and health at the moment of purchase.

EU PAAG is working to ensure that as many websites as possible across the EU sign up to voluntary standards and advertise pets in a responsible way. In order to achieve this goal we support the creation of national Pet Advertising Advisory Group by sharing best practice, advice and through a toolkit made available to our members.

Current PAAGs:


PAAG Ireland

PAAG Belgium

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