​Q: Lola Sánchez Caldentey (GUE/NGL, ES) - Slaughter of dogs in Romania (2015-03-31)

Q: Lola Sánchez Caldentey (GUE/NGL, ES) - Slaughter of dogs in Romania (2015-03-31)

Several animal protection associations in Romania have denounced the recent slaughter of around 300 dogs at the Breasta public shelter, Craoiva, Romania. The dogs were not killed in accordance with veterinary standards but brutally (stabbing and beating to death).

Is the Commission going to analyse whether this case goes against EU standards on animal protection?

Is it going to make any recommendations to the Romanian authorities regarding this issue?

A: Mr Andriukaitis on behalf of the Commission (2015-06-18)

The Honourable Member is invited to refer to the answers to written questions E-006602/2014 and E-009782/2014(1), which address the issues of stray dogs and of dog population management.

The welfare of dogs and their killing is not governed by EU rules and this matter remains under the sole competence of the Member States.

The Commission wrote in 2013 to Romanian authorities to highlight the importance of animal welfare and to recommend following the welfare standards of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).