​Q: Neena Gill (S&D, UK) - Tackling illegal trade in pet animals (2015-03-13)

Q: Neena Gill (S&D, UK) - Tackling illegal trade in pet animals (2015-03-13)

The Latvian Presidency makes reference to ‘legislative proposals on animal welfare’ in a list of main issues to be dealt with in 2015 in the veterinary, phytosanitary, and food safety fields.

A key concern in this area is the trafficking of pets under EU legislation on the movement of pet animals. Aside from the severe risk posed to public and animal health through rabies and other diseases, such trafficking brings with it significant animal welfare concerns.

Does the Council agree that the absence of EU legislation on mandatory registration of pet animals and other issues linked to illegal pet trafficking is one of the key reasons underlying the persistence of this harmful practice?

A: Reply by the Council (2015-06-15)

The Council recalls that there is currently no Commission proposal requiring the mandatory registration of pet animals. However, the EU has legislation on commercial and non-commercial movements of pet animals. The issue was discussed two years ago in the context of the proposed Regulation on the non-commercial movement of pet animals, mainly at the initiative of the European Parliament. When the regulation was adopted, the Commission submitted a statement according to which it would, among other things, assess the feasibility and appropriateness of an extension of registration systems to dogs and cats. The Council is looking forward to examining the outcome of that assessment when it becomes available.