Q: Siôn Simon (S&D, UK) - Invasive alien species (2015-02-12)

Q: Siôn Simon (S&D, UK) - Invasive alien species (2015-02-12)

The new regulation on invasive alien species came into force on 1 January 2015.

Could the Commission clarify the criteria applied to pets such as reptiles in setting up the Union list of invasive alien species?

A: Mr Vella on behalf of the Commission (2.4.2015)

The criteria for including any species on the list of invasive alien species (IAS) of Union concern are detailed under Article 4(3) of the EU Regulation on IAS. These criteria apply to all species irrespectively of their taxonomic group or of the fact that they are kept as pets.

The Regulation foresees transitional provisions for any companion animals of species that are included on the list of IAS of Union concern and were acquired before their inclusion on this list, for both non-commercial owners and commercial stocks (Articles 31 and 32 respectively).